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Listen to our November 2017 meanderings and test tracks -- all free for the listening! -- here.


Kwannon released its latest album: Ancestor! Visit our CDs page and you can have one straight away.

"Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors," Ralph Waldo Emerson writes.

Kwannon's latest is an exploration of the Western Isle of the dead, of sunset, and the edges of things. (It's a little pricier because we got this one professionally done!)

Tracks include: 1. A Farewell (Lyrics: Alfred, Lord Tennyson) 2. White Sow 3. Teach Duinn 4. Songs of Experience (Lyrics: William Blake) 5. Auguries of Innocence (Lyrics: William Blake) 6. The Tyger (Lyrics: William Blake) 7. Midnight Invocation 8. Snowflakes (Lyrics: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) 9. The Jealousy of Emer 10. Invocation at the Western Gate 11. A prayer for the hours before dawn 12. A prayer to Brighid in times of violence

Our previous albums are available, but currently as the Reverb Worship editions (except for several "Twisted Book" CDs with the original cover). We'll get around to burning more, promise.

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